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1-on-1 Coaching

Stop struggling alone—get personalized, high-touch mentorship that will launch your business ahead by years.


WILD ABUNDANCE: Start or grow a business that generates nourishing financial freedom.


LIFE FREEDOM: Create a business that lets you step away, and have total control of your precious time.


DEEP FULFILLMENT: Don't just make money, do EPIC SH!T in your life. Do good, and put a dent in the Universe.

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"In the two weeks of working with Mike (so far), I've made more progress in my business than I did in the last few months."
—Ivette Kjelsrud

About 1-on-1 coaching

My brand of coaching is for business owners who are doing OK but would love to SLOW DOWN and create MORE TIME for themselves while EARNING MORE.

It's for entrepreneurs who feel constant, low-grade BURNOUT but want to reignite that PASSION for their business.

I created my 3 month program because *I* was there and knew I could have both MONEY and  tons of FREE TIME, without exhausting myself daily.

When we work together we realign your business and life so you can feel like you're IN CONTROL again.

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"Mike is amazing at what he does - he is sharp and direct, and at the same time very attentive and compassionate... The best part is that it's not just talk - every session translates to concrete action items that have actual results. Highly recommended!"
—Alex F.

Meet Your Business Mentor, Mike Pietrzak

I built my first business at age 20 and fell in love with the freedom & wealth of entrepreneurship.

6 businesses later I've learned that there is both an inner and outer game to master if you want to succeed in business AND love your life.

My mission is to help YOU build a business that improves the world, creates massive wealth, and helps you live a life of joy—while working less.

As your mentor I will give you the principles & practical tools of success, whatever that looks like for you .

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"Working with Mike was one of the most transformative experiences of my life... I would highly recommend anyone looking for more structure and support in life to work with Mike.

—Oeishi Bhattacharjee

What You'll Experience
In 1-on-1 Coaching


Get a clear understanding of your highest role, and vision for your business. Take back control of your business!

FeEl Good

Regain a sense of energy, passion, and excitement around building your business. 


I will teach you how to manifest any desire into reality, without limits. Expect a positive dollar return on your investment.


Create a competent team around you so you feel nourished and supported. Delegate "blah" work to focus in your zone of genius.


With a mentor to report to you'll move faster and keep your word. You'll sidestep procrastination and wonder how you get so much done!

Slow down

Move faster by slowing down. You'll have less stress and more free time, but more productivity... A balanced life.


We'll install systems that free up time so that you can focus on your most important actions. You'll let go of mindless admin tasks to grow your impact.

Personal Life

You're a human, not just a business owner. We aim for better sleep and health, less stress, a healthier marriage, more vacation, play, and time with kids, and more enjoyment of life.


I'll show you how to  become the leader you admire, find inner peace, be happy, and improve yourself as a long-term investment. 


We'll have a lot of fun together while we  create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Because life is supposed to feel good!

1-On-1 Coaching Format


Receive 1-on-1 mentorship for 3 months or longer.


Private 1-hour coaching sessions every 2 weeks.


Do-able assignments after each session, tailored for you.


One 2-hour deep-dive session with me at onboarding.


Access to me via WhatsApp Monday to Friday for constant support.


Graduate coaching with new, lifelong skills, strategies, and mindset.

What My Clients Say

"Working with Mike was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Mike showed me how to live the life I always imagined. To do this he provided the correct tools, constructive but challenging thought process and how to be more empowered. I would highly recommend anyone looking for more structure and support in life to work with Mike."

—Oeishi Bhattacharjee

Apply Now With The Form Below

Apply Now

Or, Schedule an Application Call

Use the calendar to book your 30-minute application call to find out if we're a fit for working together.

In this session we'll work to understand your business, challenges, and goals, and the best way to get you there.

Whether you invest with me or not, you'll leave our session renewed, inspired, and motivated to create a business that will improve the world. Limited availability each week, and not all applications are accepted.

What Happens When You Book a Session?

Your Transformation

  • Through this program you will move from being a business operator to being a business owner...

  • From making a millimeter of progress on 100 fronts, to making quantum leaps on key goals...

  • From dreading your work, to waking up eager to tackle the next adventure...

  • From being unclear on what to do next, to becoming the keeper of a crystal-clear vision...

  • From attracting problem customers, to working only with your ideal client, and creating raving fans...

  • From boredom with daily life to the chasing your best life...

  • From feeling like you are not enough to realizing that you had unlimited genius and power all along...

  • From living on autopilot to approaching each day consciously...

  • And from doing little to improve the world, to putting a positive dent in the Universe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring ONLY my business challenges to coaching? 

A: No! You are a whole human and this is holistic coaching. You are the business and so we can work on all areas of you.

Q: How do I know if I’m a fit for 1-on-1 business mentorship?

A: If you are a self-led business owner who is ready to make the effort to grow your business, you’re likely a fit. However, please fill out the application form or book an application call with me so we can make sure you’ll get maximum value from the program.

Q: How long will it take me to see results—i.e. new revenue in the door?

A: Like everything in life, you will get from this program what you put into it. Most of my clients begin to see tangible financial results by the three month mark.

Q: What happens in our 2-hour, 1-on-1 deep dive?

A: This first, longer session is a chance for us to dive deeper into your challenges and goals, to diagnose and remove blocks, and help you move faster toward your goals.

In each session I am actively listening, which means asking insightful questions that will help you see your blind spots and discover the answers and solutions that are already inside of you.

Book an application call with me if you want to get a taste of coaching.

Q: What is the price for 1-on-1 Coaching?

A: I update my prices regularly and can often tailor pricing to your needs. Please fill out a mentorship application or book an application call to discuss first if we're a fit for each other.

Q: What if life happens and I need to push pause or exit the coaching program?

A: While I ask you to commit to working together for at least 3 months, you can put our sessions on pause or exit at any time. You are likewise welcome to return at any time, space permitting.

Q: What steps are you taking to ensure confidentiality?

A: I maintain 100% confidentiality and our sessions are never recorded.

Q: What happens when I apply for the program?

A: If your application shows that you’re a fit for the program, I will send you a payment link.

Within a few business days of registering I will send you a welcome/onboarding email, and I’ll share the link to my calendar where you can schedule our 2-hour, 1-on-1 deep dive, and connect with you on WhatsApp. Then we hit the ground running!

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