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"Here is my secret. It is very simple: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly."
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Lost Your Way?

Maybe work feels like a chore, or your business is stalled.


Maybe you're bored, frustrated, or overwhelmed.


Your fire is burning low after living the same year over and over, and you're struggling to find purpose or meaning.


Have you lost touch with your inner voice?


You CAN build a thriving business while living a life of passion, joy, and adventure!


It's time to align your mind, heart, guts, and spirit, and step into your power.


"Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realise your hidden potential and power. Let difficulties know that you too are difficult."

— Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I was there

I remember sitting under the stars a decade ago, saying, "I know I'm capable of much more than this!"


The 9 to 5 felt like a dead end. A four-year relationship ended. I was drinking.


No longer could I ignore that quiet voice—I needed to find my way.


I left my career to build my own business.


I read voraciously, worked with powerful coaches, and found elite fitness; beat depression and tamed alcohol.


Fate brought me my life’s partner and a beautiful daughter.


I stepped into my power as a serial entrepreneur
(6 businesses and counting!) who is solving the world’s problems while having the time of my life.


And I discovered my calling as a coach who helps others finally start doing what is most important in this short life.


You are capable of so much more. I will help you live with passion while building your dream business.


“At the center of your being

you have the answer;

you know who you are

and you know what you want.”

โ€• Lao Tzu

What matters to you?

These values animate my life.

If you're here, they matter to you, too.

Passion & Adventure

You want to be on FIRE with the JOY of exploring life with boundless ENTHUSIASM.

& purpose

You want to finally access
your unlimited POWER to pursue MEANING.

& Honesty

You wish to be WHOLE;
to align body, mind, heart, guts, and spirit.

& Service

You seek to LOVE yourself & others, and make the world a more just, kind place.


You seek the riches of LOVE, HEALTH, WEALTH, and ENERGY.


You live the warrior way: fighting for what's right with COURAGE and GRIT.


You're ready to create a

rich life of ROMANCE,


You're waking up through MINDFULNESS, and a connection to the beyond.

How Coaching Works


Work with me for 3, 6, or 12 months to unlock your power and genius.


Our first discovery call is a live, 1-on-1 deep dive into you and your core self.


Conclude sessions with helpful assignments to maintain momentum.


We'll start with written assessments & exercises to understand your true being.


In each virtual coaching session we'll work toward your purpose & joy.


You'll graduate coaching on solid footing for growth, insights, and breakthroughs.

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In this session we'll work together to create a crystal clear vision for your business and uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your business success. You'l...
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Results you can Expect

Through coaching you will...

  • Reconnect with your inner voice.

  • Unlock your unlimited power and potential as an entrepreneur and human.

  • Move toward your life's purpose and love your work and business again.

  • Feel stronger and more confident.

  • Build your business or career based on your true mission and calling—in a way that the world needs.

  • Get out of your own way. Stop pressing the gas & brakes at the same time.

  • Improve your relationships and enjoy sharing your life with others.

  • Learn how to live each day with passion!

stop struggling

Without coaching?

You may stay stuck in a job or business that doesn’t fit you. Struggle with your relationships, your productivity, and your financial results. Continue to feel unworthy and demoralized... Hopeless. Live the same year over and over. Stay disconnected from others, life and yourself. Remain bored and joyless, leading a dull and drab life. Let work equal drudgery, and feel like endless toil. Be fearful and scared of life. Do nothing to ameliorate suffering in the world, and allow the world's problems to grow.


But that's not you, is it?

Your Transformation

  • Move from feeling stuck, to knowing what you need to do...

  • From being in a job or business you dislike to doing work that sets you on fire...

  • From boredom with life to the daily adventure of chasing your best life...

  • From not knowing how to start your business to receiving an action map—through launch—to your first customers...

  • From feeling like you are not enough to realizing that you had unlimited genius and power all along...

  • From living on autopilot to approaching each day consciously...

  • From relationships filled with conflict, to deep connection with others...

  • And from doing little to improve the world, to putting a dent in the Universe!

What Clients say

"From my initial consultation with him, I was struck by Michael’s emotional intelligence and his ability to get me to open up. When we started our sessions, I discovered a coach who was not only a gifted listener but also a pragmatic strategist who was committed to helping me achieve my goals. After 12 weeks that flew by, I feel more focussed, more confident and more hopeful about my future than ever before. If you are looking for a coach who is a personable, insightful and caring leader, I cannot recommend Michael highly enough."

— Daphne Boxill

"Working with Michael has been one of the most insightful and momentous experiences of my life... Michael helped me uncover and understand things about myself that have always existed within me but were never found. Michael's approach to even the most difficult situations has guided me to develop a fresh and positive outlook towards all facets of life... Michael often draws from his rich set of personal and professional experiences to articulate a point, which I have found to be very useful. I would highly recommend this personalized 12-week program for anyone who is interested in and committed to becoming the best version of themselves.”

— V. C.

"Working with Mike was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Mike showed me how to live the life I always imagined. To do this he provided the correct tools, constructive but challenging thought process and how to be more empowered. I would highly recommend anyone looking for more structure and support in life to work with Mike."

—Oeishi Bhattacharjee


Book a
Grow Your Business
Session now

In this session we'll work together to create a crystal clear vision for your business and uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your business success. You'l...
Grow Your Business Session
30 ๋ถ„
No charge

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