My Story

"There are no limits, only plateaus"
— Bruce Lee

As a younger man I stumbled across a book that taught meditation and I began practicing daily. My mind sharpened, anxiety faded, and conflicts became rare.

I wondered: if this small habit could change my life in 10 minutes a day, what other tools were out there?

That kicked off my 20-year deep-dive into the worlds of self-help, psychology, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, and spirituality that's led me into an abundance and fulfillment that I never could have imagined on the day I first sat down to watch my breath.

After years of my own work with life & business coaches, and with superstar life strategist Tony Robbins, I started teaching others what I'd learned. And I realized: I was born to unlock potential. 

I've helped my clients improve every aspect of their lives from their relationships to businesses to pursuing new careers.

I believe that all change starts with our thoughts, and my work always begins with upgrading your mindset in order to manifest whatever results you can imagine in your outside world.

Let's work together to get you to your best life.

Work Experience
  • I have founded four successful businesses from nothing, including an energy company in Africa, an ecommerce lifestyle brand, and an education and training platform for writers.

  • I've consulted for governments and the United Nations in the fields of health, culture, employment & training, environment, and infrastructure.

  • I'm a sought-after freelance writer for publications like Success Magazine. I love writing about self-help, psychology, neuroscience, and business.

  • I have volunteered for causes including political campaigns, drug addiction, hunger, and humanitarian emergencies.

Life Experience
  • I have lived on 3 continents and have traveled to more than 50 countries. I'm fluent in English and can function in French and Spanish.

  • I'm married to my best friend and we're expecting our first child. I've survived losing 2 great loves. I continue to do the inner work needed to become a whole human.

  • I've backpacked across Africa, Europe, and Asia solo, snowbird in the Caribbean, scuba dive, skydive, talk to strangers, am a regular public speaker, and as a rule do everything that scares me.

  • I'm a CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting fanatic. I quit both smoking and drinking but don't mind if you do.

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Thought you'd be farther ahead at this point in your life? I was there. Let's chat so I can understand where you're blocked and how I can help you get to your best life. ...
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