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Unlimited 15-minute
coaching sessions
for one full year

An affordable way to work with an accomplished business coach. Book as many calls as you like in 365 days.

Laser Coaching is an effective option for busy, self-motivated conscious entrepreneurs.

Instead of committing to 1- or 2-hour sessions on a regular basis, 15-minute Laser Coaching sessions can help you make targeted improvements to yourself and your business.

And yes—you can book as many sessions with me as you like over a 12-month period.

The caveat? You've got to FINISH your homework before booking the next call. And that won't be a problem for a force of nature like you.

"The Apollo moon rockets were off course 97% of the time... You need to constantly adjust your course to arrive at your destination.
—Mike Pietrzak

Don't walk Alone

Many times as an entrepreneur I thought, "I wish I had someone looking over my shoulder, guiding me.

I created my Laser Coaching program for that reason: so that you can access a reliable guide whenever you need a hand on your shoulder. 

I've built five businesses mainly by trial and error, but I'm smarter now—I ask for help.

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.” —Isocrates

How This Program Works


Book a free 30-minute consult. We'll discuss your business and goals, and decide if we're a match.


I'll assign you some "homework" that you'll complete on your own time.


Repeat the process, booking as many 15-minute coaching sessions as you like with me over 12 months.


Schedule your first 15-minute coaching session whenever you want.


When you've accomplished that goal, book your next 15-minute session.


Every week you'll improve yourself and your business, and end the year strong and abundant!

Schedule a Business Mentorship Application

Use the calendar below to book an application call to see if we're a fit for working together.

In this session I'll get to know your business, offer support, and see where we can make helpful changes.

If at the end of the call it feels aligned for both of us, I can tell you about options for working together.

What Happens When You Book a Session?

Our Work Together May Include:

  • Designing a business model canvas—a simple business plan.

  • Creating a value proposition that works—a way to attract clients.

  • Developing a minimum viable product (MVP)—something you can sell & test fast.

  • Building or improving a website that sells—even while you sleep.

  • Choosing the right marketing channels.

  • Generating sales & profit—so you can grow your business and pay yourself.

  • Incorporating a social mission—one that will create additional impact & fulfillment.

  • Examining your beliefs as the company's leader—discovering your hidden blocks, overcoming self-sabotage, and letting go of unhelpful habits.

“I am a big believer that if you have a very clear vision of where you want to go, then the rest of it is much easier” —Arnold Schwarzenegger

Results you can Expect

In this program you will...

  • Receive regular, targeted business coaching from an experienced entrepreneur.

  • Get help completing a series of assignments that will improve your business.

  • Build your business based on your true mission and calling—in a way that the world needs.

  • Increase your business revenue and profit.

  • Feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

  • Create freedom over your time and finances.

  • Unlock your unlimited power and potential as an entrepreneur and human.

  • Move toward your life's purpose and love your work again.

  • Get out of your own way. Stop pressing the gas & brakes at the same time.

  • Learn how to live each day with passion!

stop struggling

Without coaching?

You may stay stuck in a job or business that doesn’t fit you. Let your entrepreneurial dreams die. Fail to create a passive side-income. Remain a slave to the 9 to 5 world. Fail to change the world through your business. Fail to create mastery over your time and your finances. Try to do it all yourself and create a business that doesn't work, then wonder for years, why? Continue to feel unworthy and demoralized... Hopeless. Live the same year over and over. Stay disconnected from others, life and yourself. Remain bored and joyless, leading a dull and drab life. Let work equal drudgery, and feel like endless toil. Be fearful and scared of life. Do nothing to ameliorate suffering in the world, and allow the world's problems to grow.

But that's not you, is it?

Your Transformation

  • Through this program you will go from feeling like you're building a business alone, to working with a competent business mentor.

  • From grinding on and on each day to doing work that sets you on fire...

  • From generating lackluster profits to being the captain of your own financial destiny...

  • From feeling stuck, to knowing what you need to do...

  • From boredom with life to the daily adventure of chasing your best life...

  • From feeling like you are not enough to realizing that you had unlimited genius and power all along...
  • From living on autopilot to approaching each day consciously...
  • And from doing little to improve the world, to putting a positive dent in the Universe!

What My Clients say

"Working with Mike was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Mike showed me how to live the life I always imagined. To do this he provided the correct tools, constructive but challenging thought process and how to be more empowered. I would highly recommend anyone looking for more structure and support in life to work with Mike."

—Oeishi Bhattacharjee

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