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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Reconnect with Source

Hey, why not watch me narrate this article? Click the video below.

As an entrepreneur you MUST make time each day to reconnect with The Source.

You might call Source soul, heart, spirit, intuition, Universe, God—whatever your preferred term, you already know that feeling of oceanic Oneness that comes in moments of stillness and quiet reflection.

In your gut you know that maintaining and strengthening this connection is the path to living your purpose.

When you keep purpose close in all that you do, your work, your business, and your relationships improve. You smile more.

Your to-do list won’t connect you to Source. By all means, pursue goals. But mindlessly crossing items off your list day after day is no way to build a life or a business. That’s a sure recipe for reaching the end of your days and noticing that the collection of your life experiences was not much more than one long and thankless road.

How we spend our moments becomes how we spend our lives.

If you start the day by wading into the quicksand of emails, meetings, marketing, and sales, you will lose your SELF.

But if you begin each day by making space for some kind of sacred practice that reminds you that you are a human BEING and not a human DOING, then you will fill yourself with joy. From that reservoir of joy, your WORK will become joy. You will inject it with boundless enthusiasm, and the quality of that work will skyrocket, as if by magic. People will notice your light and will want to move closer to you. They will want to know how to become more like you.

They will want to do business with you. The spark you create will light a fire that will spread to others. Your light will help other lights find you. Your conscious action in the world will combine with others' efforts, and we will watch a movement grow, one of entrepreneurs working not just for money but to raise the consciousness of others, to do good in the world, and leave the world better than we found it.

I’m not advocating a charity, non-profit, or starving artist mentality that shuns profit and treats money only as a necessary evil. The conscious entrepreneur who is connected to Source embraces abundance—of love, joy, happiness, but also of material wealth and a healthy bank account.

Money is good, because it allows the conscious entrepreneur to magnify their impact in the world. Dollars can be invested to shift the course of the world away from bottomless greed and toward deliberate, conscious, and radical action that sees the status-quo, self-serving and destructive ways of doing business as deeply unhealthy and obviously insane.

But be careful to not try to fix the world. The place we change our world is first in our heart and in our hands. This begins with making TIME each day to reconnect with the Source. You don’t need a lot of it—you can reconnect to source in even 10 breaths.

This time is not some soft luxury, but the most crucial act of both love and productivity that we can undertake for our work and business. As more entrepreneurs raise their consciousness, the world can’t help but get better.

I've collected a number of favourite practices... meditation under an open sky at sunrise. A joint in the bathtub. A walk along the banks of the Thames River. Journaling in a leather-bound notebook with an Americano. Music with lyrics that soar, and give me hope for humanity.

You must find those practices that speak to YOU and that fill the well of your enthusiasm and passion. You will not feel these things without making time to cultivate them.

So make time. Protect that time daily. Love that time.

Then you will watch every last part of your life improve—inside and outside.

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May 28, 2023

Hi, I noticed that in your video the subtitles are not quite accurate, some of the words are not at all what you say. The thing is that your subtitles are generated automatically by YouTube and are not always accurate. I advise you to visit this website to get acquainted with the programs that will allow you to add any subtitles. I am sure you will use them often as they are very convenient!

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