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My 2 years' experience in a mastermind Group

I've been part of a mastermind group for two years and it's launched my business forward.

In that time I've launched new products, created new clients, minimized wasted efforts, and completely exited a business that I didn't love anymore. Revenue and profit has continued to grow.

I started this group with four other entrepreneurs after attending Tony Robbins' Business Master, what I call a "5-day MBA through a firehose".

The idea when we started was to grow our sales by working alongside other accomplished entrepreneurs and it's working great.

We bounce ideas off each other, and help keep motivation and energy high.

We trade notes on sales, marketing, lead generation, etc.

And when one of us falls down we help each other get up.

Watch this on YouTube...

When I launch a new webpage or social post I share it with my mastermind who tells me things like, "Bring more passion here" or the "tweak your call to action".

I absolutely love celebrating my wins with these people, who I consider friends.

They remind me to prioritize self-care, and tell me when I need a sleep or a vacation. 🙂

My team helps me sharpen my focus, and do only what matters.

Best of all, I get clarity on why I'm building a business. They help me return again and again to my vision, which is to help business owners unlock their full capacity as humans so they can improve the world.

I can credit much of my success in 2 years to participation in this mastermind.

Have you been part of a mastermind? Let me know in the comments.

And if you’re a business owner and want to 2x, 3x, or 5x your sales, apply for my THRIVE Mastermind, or book a 30-minute chat with me so I can guide you to what will serve you best.
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